Sneak peak at a Kickstarter card game campaign.
A total of 45 illustrations have been created for an unreleased card game. Below is a preview of some of the card illustrations. The mockup below was a visual exploration of how the cards could be displayed online, or as a digital app.

Room With A View.
A small series of illustrated windows to other parts of the planet.

Key visuals for Market Day.
Fresh & fun visuals for the end of Summer Market Day at The Tannery

The People Of Hope Street.
These illustrations are a snapshot of peoples daily commute, capturing their movement and individualism.

University campus locations.
A map with various illustrated elements created for a Victoria University promotional video.

King of Coins, Castle.
This castle and other medieval illustrations were all assets for an online competition called the King of Coins.

Thanks for taking a look.​​​​​​​