Zero Co is changing the way we clean our homes and our bodies. Back in 2019, they came to us to kickstart their brand presence, and solidify their place in the market. Filled with playfully engaging messaging and imagery, the result is a brand that deals with a serious subject (waste) in a positive way. No fear-mongering here.

The positive vibes flowed into campaigns and cute iconography to tell complex stories about the environment to a broad audience.

Zero Co is un-trashing the planet. They've created everyday household products and subtracted the recurring waste by making them re-fillable. And, they're cleaning up the plastic junk from our oceans while they’re at it.

Zero Co has since become more than a brand, some might say it's a movement. They had the most successful Kickstarter campaign in Australia in 2019, they've already pre-sold over 5,000 of their latest body boxes, and we helped them with their recent record-breaking crowd-funded equity raise — $5m in 6 hours!